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All Support Group leaders have professional Peer-to-Peer and Mental Health First Aid training. They create a safe and secure environment to promote wellness, improve coping skills, reduce concerns, foster social networking and provide appropriate referral services for specific needs.  We provide Combat Veterans, Law Enforcement and First Responders a safe venue to establish comradeship with other Combat Veterans, a forum for sharing combat experiences; to provide an avenue to facilitate the easing of internal pain lingering in the recesses of combat memories harbored from family and non-Combat Veterans, and to provide an open protective environment for Combat Veterans to verbalize any issue weighing heavy on their hearts with other Combat Veterans in a Christian setting without fear of recrimination or reprisal.

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All groups are ran and organized by either a Combat Veteran, LEO or First Responder. If you are interested in peer-to-peer training and starting a group near you let us know.  

Bethesda COG

Sumter, SC


North Charleston, SC

Northeast Presbyterian Church, PCA

Columbia, SC

Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church

Columbia, SC


Aiken, SC

American Legion Post 130

Cayce, SC